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DANGEROUS WIRING PUTS YOUR FAMILY AT RISK!  When purchasing a home in Florida or elsewhere, your home inspector should be able to identify a dangerous electrical panel. How can you tell if an electrical panel is dangerous? Federal Pacific Electric Company made the majority of the nation's electrical panels from the 1950's to the 1980's. Zinsco panels are another brand to look out for. These electrical panels are unsafe and need to be updated. Don't be fooled! Although these electrical panels can appear to be working fine for many years, it only takes one short circuit or surge to become a deadly fire hazard! When a breaker fails to trip it will eventually melt and burn. At Dinnen Electric Service we will remove and replace your FPE panel to keep your family, pets and home safe and sound! If your panel looks like this or has the FPE name call us right away for a free estimate.


HANDYMAN VERSUS ELECTRICIAN? You may be tempted to hire a handyman to do the electrical portion of your next remodeling job or repair. After all, he seems on top of it and he says he knows how to do electrical jobs cheaper than an electrician. You should always hire an electrician to do electrical work. The most important reason besides safety is that if something goes wrong, you may not be able to win a claim against a handyman who is not licensed to do electrical work. Electricians know the codes, follow the codes and guarantee and insure their work! Likewise, DIY electrical work can be very dangerous without the right skills and experience. Only a licensed electrician like Dinnen Electric should tackle electrical work. 

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME UPGRADES? Low voltage landscape lighting adds ambiance, curb appeal and safety to your home. Special GFCI outlets are required for low voltage landscape lighting. Let Dinnen Electric help make your house a masterpiece! Maybe it's time for a new pool heater, pool pump, hot tub or outdoor fans. Dinnen Electric has you covered. Maybe it's time to make your home a Smart Home with a new thermostat, lighting controls or security system. At Dinnen Electric we know how to get the job done!  

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED A NEW ELECTRICAL PANEL OR PANEL SERVICE?  As stated above, Federal Pacific and Zinsco electrical panels need to be changed immediately. You will find these electrical panels in many of the older homes in South Florida, particularly if the home has never been remodeled. Also, electrical panels are supposed to operate very quietly so if you hear buzzing or any noises coming from the panel call Dinnen Electric right away for advice on repairing or replacing the electrical panel. If you experience frequent shorts, breakers tripping or lights flickering, you may have an electrical problem. If you are looking to add more fixtures or appliances to your home you will want to have a licensed electrician like Dinnen Electric reconfigure your panel. If your home is for sale and goes under contract you will want to be sure that your panel box legend is on the door of the panel box. A home inspector will make a note of this and it will need to be fixed before the sale can go through.  


ARE YOU READY FOR AN ENERGY SAVING MAKEOVER? There are things you can do to save on energy costs and Dinnen Electric Service is here to help! Whether it's installing a smart thermostat, ceiling fans, a tankless water heater, installing electric for solar energy, installing a more efficient pool pump or something as simple as retrofitting your high hat lights with LED bulbs, Dinnen Electric can get the job done.

Here are some helpful links for things that you can do yourself to manage energy costs. 

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